Further bus with hawaiian cowboy
Kainoa Lopez "The Root Beer Guy"

In early 2009 after being laid off from a technology job as a Database Engineer, I was faced with leaving the state that I grew to love.  Persuing career in corporate America or roll the dice and follow in my great-grandfather's footsteps and start brewing soda!  
In the late 1800's in Haleiwa, Hawaii. My Great-grandfather started making sodas in the family barn on their property and selling these fresh fruit concoctions to the plantation workers at lunchtime. His company was known as Waialua Soda Works which still makes sodas today and are distributed all over the US. 
As for me, I've never left Idaho and have yet to sit in a cubicle since I started brewing this tasty goodness.  "So far, it's been a good life wasted!" - Kainoa Lopez



Man eating watermellon

"Braddah" Lyle Lopez


Growing up in Haleiwa, Hawaii on our families property, home to the "Original" Waialua Soda Works, Lyle grew fond of surfing the North Shore, growing organic produce, throwing pottery and watermelon seed spitting contests! While pursuing his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture he decided to take a break from school, move to Boise and join forces with braddah Kainoa in Boise, Idaho.  While Lyle may go back to school at some point to finish up his L.A. Degree for now he says, "I like Boise, dis place is crawling wit wahine's!"


Sean "Meyer's Great Adventures!"

Born and raised in Olympia, Washington.  Sean and Kainoa became childhood friends beginning on the gridiron while playing Pop Warner Football.  They graduated together from North Thurston High School in the Class of '94.  Sean's love for sports led him to the slopes of Crystal Mountain where he became know for skipping ski school classes and guiding his pals on what became known as "Meyer's Great Adventures!"  Never one for following the rules, these adventures included ducking ropes, skiing out-of-bounds and even getting a ticket or two clipped by ski patrol for ripping turns past the gappers!  Sean eventually mellowed out a bit to court the likes of his wonderful wife Christy.  He's an avid world traveler, lover of Heavy Metal music and father to two ruthless cats.  He spent most of his professional career in Hotel Management in cities like Seattle, San Diego and Portland.  Eventually, Sean and his wife ended up in Boise, Idaho where he decided to step away from the Hotel industry and joined back up with Kainoa in 2015 and jumped on the Soda Train!  Sean's not only a great guy, son, husband and brother.  He's a genuine friend and BuckSnort Soda Company would not be where it is today without the spirit of "Meyer's Great Adventures!"  

Our Mission

At BuckSnort Beverage Company our mission is to brew sodas like they did a hundred years ago while connecting the generations to a favorite American past time.  
Our Values

"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like nobody is watching." - Keller Williams
"Decide what to be and go be it!" - Avett Brothers
"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway!"  -  John Wayne
Our Friends & Family

There is no way this could have ever been possible without the enormous support of our many friends and family.  I'd like to give a huge thanks to the following people and organizations that have supported this crazy pursuit over the years.
Dave and Jenny Rooke, The Kolashs', The Edwards', Wood River Farmer's Market Association, Capital City Public Market, Sun Valley Center of the Arts, Boise Chamber of Commerce, Payette Brewery, Farmer Don, Thayne Hendricks, Hayden Beverage Company, Albertson's Market, The Idaho Small Business Development Center, Boise State University, The Boise Co-Op, The Atkinson's, Robin and McClain, our supportive accounts, My Parents and Family, and last but not least...our FANS!  Thank you for your support!  - Kainoa Lopez